Allowing the students to:
1. get a general idea of what the main features of the Restoration and the Augustan Age were;
2. know the main social and political changes of both periods;
3. understand what the expression Augustan means and all its implication as to the English society.

Tempo di apprendimento

Apprendimento in: 2 hours


A How-To Guide

Stage 1 – On your textbook

1.1. Read page 183 [An Overall View]
No need to do the activities assigned in Study Skills.
You should just get a very general idea of what the main features of these two historical periods were.

1.2. Read page 184 [The Restoration of the monarchy]
Just focus on the information which will allow you to do Exercise 2 and complete the Key Ideas on page 184.

1.3. Read page 186 [From James II to the joint monarchs]
Focus on the necessary information allowing you to know the main features of:

1. The Glorious Revolution;
2. The Laws [Acts, Bills, Petitions] passed from 1689 to 1701.

1.4. Read pages 186/7 [Queen Anne’s reign]
Mainly focus on:

1. The Act of Union;
2. The Treaty of Utrecht.

Then gather the information in order to do Exercises 2, 3, and 4 on page 187.

Stage 2 – Online

2.1. The Restoration of the monarchy and the early Hanoverians (PPT Presentation )
Sum up your knowledge through the reading of the PPT presentation from your textbook.
[Step 1: Slides 1-6] [Step 2: Slides 7-9]

2.2. ZTE Test (Online Activity)
Do the self evaluation test on the ZTE website.

do the test

2.3. The Restoration of Charles II (Video Resource)
Extremely clear and explanatory. You’re strongly advised to watch it carefully if you want to get a good knowledge of what the Restoration, with all its highs and lows, was about. Just turn on the subtitles in case you find something difficult to understand.

2.4. Glorious Revolution & Bill of Rights (1688-1689) (Video Resource)
More information for self-study.

2.5. Queen Anne – The Stuart Gloriana (Video Resource)
In case you need more information or if you want to better understand what happened during Queen Anne’s reign.

History Quiz

Just a quick and rather trivial Quiz from Charles II to Queen Anne.


The Restoration and the Glorious Revolution

1 / 10

In 1707 the Act of Union | Unity established that the United Kingdom of Great Britain replaced the kingdom of England and Scotland | Wales, with one Parliament in Westminster.

2 / 10

Queen Anne even | never attended the debates in the House of Lords | Commons.

3 / 10

William of Orange was the husband | son of James II's daughter | grandaughter, Mary, and came from France | the Netherlands.

4 / 10

Theatres and taverns re-opened | were rebuilt, and fashion and gossip replaced philosophical | religious debate.

5 / 10

Charles II was Charles I's grandson | son; he had French tastes and loved France because he had spent his youth | exile there.

Question Image

6 / 10

When the monarchy was restored in 1660 | 1680 and Charles II became king, he established a court devoted to pleasure | respectful of morality.

7 / 10

Anne became Queen in 1702: she was an English | Irish and Anglican popular | unpopular queen.

8 / 10

Ireland | Scotland remained separate and had its own Parliament, which was not | was subordinate to Westminster.

9 / 10

There was a reaction to the Civil War and the Puritan Commonwealth which brought about a greater interest in the unreal | real world rather than a focus on the spiritual | material life.

10 / 10

The so-called joint monarchs were Mary II | Queen Anne | William II | William III

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