Allowing the students to:
1. further develop the ones of the teaching unit: The Victorian Age

Tempo di apprendimento

Apprendimento in: 1 hour


A How-To Guide

Stage 1 – On your textbook

1.1. Read pages 17/18 [The later years of Queen Victoria’s reign]
You should understand the differences between the two political parties and their leaders. Then, it is really important that you are able to write down the key ideas at page 18 using the prompts like this:

1. hygiene and sanitation;
2. the reforms;
3. the technological progress and its effects;

Stage 2 – Online

2.1. The later years of Queen Victoria’s reign (PPT Presentation)
Sum up your knowledge through the reading of the slides from 1 to 9 of the PPT presentation from your textbook.
2.2. ZTE Test (Online Activity)
Do the self evaluation test on the ZTE website.
2.3. Ten Minute History – The Late British Empire (Short Documentary) (Video Resource)
A short documentary about the later years of the British Empire until its apex after WWI and its subsequent decline and fall.