Allowing the students to:
1. fully understand the main features of Jane Austen's works with a more specific focus on her "Pride and Prejudice";
2. improve their general knowledge of Romantic novels of manners;
3. enlarge their vocabulary through the study and acquisition of new words;
4. comprehend what lies behind the behavioural codes and the outward manifestations of Austen's novel.

Tempo di apprendimento

Apprendimento in: 1 hour


A How-To Guide

Stage 1 – On your textbook

1.1. Read pages 314/5 [Jane Austen]

You may easily skip the whole section about her life; just focus on Austen and the novel of manners, Austen’s analysis of character and The theme of marriage. After all, what really matters is that you are able to understand:

1. What kind of writer she is;
2. How her characters are built;
3. The common features of her novels.

1.2. Read page 98 [Pride and Prejudice] and do Exercise 1.

1. Be sure to understand how both the main characters show pride and prejudice as well;
2. Focus on the theme of marriage [something you have just read on page 315];
3. Pay a particular attention to the various narrative devices she uses.

2.1. Jane Austen (PPT Presentation)
Sum up your knowledge through the reading of the PPT presentation from your textbook.
Even in this case you may skip the information about her life. Be advised that, sometimes, in order to read the content of the slides you may need to click or tap otherwise they may look like blank pages.

2.2. ZTE Test (Online Activity)
Do the self evaluation test on the ZTE website.

Do the test

2.3. Jane Austen’s Writing Style and Voice (Video Resource)
Complete your knowledge of the sonnet watching the video. In case you aren’t able to understand some words or sentences you may turn on the subtitles.

2.4. Pride and Prejudice | Summary & Analysis (Video Resource)
Do as you did in Activity 2.3.

2.5. ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Themes and Literary Devices (Online Reading)
Explore and organize the main themes of the novel together with a better comprehension of the style Austen used.

Read it online


As outlined above.